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A Real Family Spring Break
By Barb Hansen
March, 2014

I would like to offer some suggestions for families in the midst of planning their spring break in Florida.  Iím talking about a real spring break in the real Florida, not at the bars of Daytona or the beaches of Fort Lauderdale.  Iím also not talking about Disney World or any of the other theme parks nor the myriad cruise ships where families get to mingle with 2,000 of their ďclosest friendsĒ. 

Iím talking about a real family spring break Ė the whole family not just the teens, tweens or toddlers.  This is really still possible on a private yacht charter.  Yup, calm-water boating on a cabin cruiser that you charter.  Just you and your family.  If youíre not ready to take over the helm, no worries because the captain will take care of that, and then make himself scarce when itís family time.

For safetyís sake there are some serious doís and doníts on a cruising yacht and the captain insists they be followed. 

You might say the atmosphere is lighthearted, but disciplined.  You could say the rules for a successful cruise are probably the same as the rules for a successful life Ė an important added benefit of a family cruise, my kind of family cruise.

Boating parents are secure in this knowledge. If youíre landlubber parents, please consider my suggestion for your family spring break. I guarantee quality family time.  Itís an expedition, an adventure, summer camp, summer school and even manners school all rolled into one.

Activities run the gamut from reading and relaxing to fishing and shelling.  Yes, you can watch TV on board many of the vessels, but wouldnít you rather watch Mother Natureís show? 

Marina hoping Ė another possibility in our cruising area Ė is always a fun family activity and we have some of the finest marine resorts on U.S. waterways.  Mom and the girls can get their shopping fix, Dad and the boys might get in a round of golf and thereís always beach and pool activities.

Additionally, thereís no shortage of great restaurants for your dining pleasure as well.  From dockside bars to fine dining, you can find something to tickle every crew memberís taste buds.  

If you take my advice, Iíd also be willing to bet texting will give way to talking and your whole crew will love every minute of a break on the water. Thatís the kind of spring break I think you want for your family.  Check it out!

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