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Keep America Cruising Along
By Barb Hansen
October 1, 2001

In his message to Congress after the Attack on America, President Bush said our anger had turned to resolve. If we were to draft a resolution boaters, something that we could do to speed victory, what would it say?

All of the psychologists on TV had a remedy for this uncertain time. They saw we should do things that give us comfort and that bring balance back into our lives.

The economists say we need to do the things we were doing when the economy was strong. They say, spend.

Our resolution should combine these two pieces of advice. It should urge us to do the things that give us comfort and solace, activities that bring us together as families and friends. It should urge us to help restore the economy by spending on the things that we need.

The ideal boaters' resolution will express both sentiments. It will remind us to spend, as we always have, on our boats. It will urge us to get back into our boats and on the water with our family and friends and do what we most like to do, the one thing that brings us the most comfort.

It's not easy to do what many of us might regard, perhaps unconsciously, as frivolous. Watching the devastation on television and hearing the heartbreaking stories has affected us in a way we don't recognize. It's fear. It's a natural reaction, but it can be our enemy as well as our friend.

Fear immobilizes us. Fear tells us to conserve, not spend. Fear tells us to be somber, not happy. This is one of those times we should tell fear to go jump in the lake. Let's go boating. The economist and the psychologist will join us.

America will not crumble over this incident. We are greater than that. However, if airlines don't fly, and people don't travel, and tourists don't shop, and, yes, if boaters don't boat, then our economy will remain hard aground.

Boaters can help re-launch America's economy. If your boat needs anything at all, buy it now.

My husband likes to repeat an old Norwegian saying -- Bound is a boatless man. To us this expresses the essential power of boating, which is its ability to lift the human spirit, to free us from petty routines and unwarranted restrictions. As such, boating is the perfect symbol of our birthright - freedom.

What better way, then, to thumb our collective nose at our aggressors than by getting back on our boats and back to what we most enjoy?

Therefore, be it resolved:
Boating and all the activities that make it possible to make the overall economy stronger and are thus patriotic activities. Consumers are thus urged to spend and buy boats and more accessories.
2. Boating is a source of comfort and solace. Go boating.
3. Boating underscores the ideal of freedom. Go boating.

Call your friends. Chill the wine. Pack a lunch. Get on the boat. Have fun. Win.

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