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The Melody of Boating

By Barb Hansen
September 2016

Have you ever noticed how some of your favorite activities are even more enjoyable with music?

Take boating, for example. That just happens to be our favorite past time. Of course we love to go cruising when our schedule permits. We also love to take along our favorite music. It’s always been that way.

I can remember playing our favorite cassette tapes on when we lived on our sailboat in our younger days. Back then it was everything from Jimmy Buffett to the Eagles and from John Denver to Frank Sinatra. Whether entertaining friends on board or just sitting under the stars, there was always music – well, and rum!

Now, as we have gotten older our preferred vessel has changed, but not so much our taste in music. When we cruise aboard our trawler, we bring along a very eclectic selection of songs on our iPhones and iPads. There will always be Buffett and the music from our liveaboard days, but now we can easily download anything from Willie to Elvis

After more than thirty years and many more vessels later, we still love cruising and, as with life in general, certain songs remind of us certain boats and adventures on the water. Like the song by Trisha Yearwood, “The Song Remembers When,” so many times a song will evoke a memory of a time and a place in life.

It’s amazing how many songs there are about boating when you really start to think about it.

Of course there’s Christopher Cross’ “Sailing,” Buffett’s “It’s Been a Lovely Cruise,” Alan Jackson singing “When Daddy Let Me Drive,” and a recent hit, “Pontoon” by Little Big Town. We’ve got them all – and about a thousand more I’m sure.

Boating just seems to go with good music. Think about it. How many songs do you know about golf? Not many. There is no romance in golf. No adventure. No “je ne sais quoi.”

Many boats are sexy. Golf clubs not so much. Boating takes you places some people just dream about. The beauty of the water and nature coming together is unlike any other sport. If you have ever watched a dolphin breaking through your bow wave you know what I mean.

Oh, I’m sure golfers will argue that their courses are lovely, too. I get that. Yes, you can golf all over the world, but really, doesn’t one hole look like another after a while?

How about bicycling? That is one sport that hurts my backside to even think about. Oh sure, I suppose you can listen to your iPod inside your helmet. That is, if you can even hear it over the traffic, your heavy breathing and the trucks whizzing by you at 60 mph! It’s not exactly relaxing to be riding on the side of a road and hoping you aren’t flattened by the next F350 that goes by!


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