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Much to be Thankful For

By Barb Hansen
November 2017

The world is a crazy place these days.  Just watch the nightly news and you will see what I mean.  On second thought, don’t watch the nightly news.  As a “news junkie” I can attest to the fact that too much news is not necessarily a good thing.  After all, we are bombarded with news these days and in many different forms.  We don’t just get our news from television at the dinner hour.  We are hit with news blasts on our email home page, Twitter, Facebook and even at the gas pump!  Who knew that there was “GSN” – Gas Station News? 

As a professional multi-tasker, I can appreciate getting my news while I work, shop, cook, clean or fill up my car.   However, all of that stimulation leaves little time for kicking back and just enjoying my surroundings or chilling out with a glass of wine.  I can’t help but focus on the problems of my day or some upcoming challenge when I should be thinking about the good things in my life.  My Dad’s favorite saying was, “keep a good mental attitude.”  Somewhere along the way, these fast-paced lives we lead have left us little time to think positive.  Instead, we focus on all that is wrong in our life, like how we are going to deal with that rude customer, the problem employee or that big unexpected bill to pay.  We barely have time to take a breath, let alone take a few days off to enjoy the family, the beach or the boat. 

Few of us live problem-free lives, but we need to take time to appreciate the life we have.  As a recovering workaholic, I am trying to take the time to “smell the roses.”   In the process of smelling that bouquet, we often realize that life is actually pretty good.  In fact, there is much to be thankful for even in these busy times.

 Vic and I are fortunate that through a strong commitment and hard work, we have been able to build a business in a field that we enjoy both on and off the clock, so to speak. Our business like any business has its ups and downs, but overall we enjoy every day of it. And, we’re based in an area that’s been truly blessed by Mother Nature. So much so that we really don’t have to hard sell any aspect of our charter or cruising school activities. Our best sales people are the generations of families who have cruised on our power or sail boats or have taken classes at our school. I’m happy to report that those families are now our friends.

And we’re not a small group. Think about all of the cruisers you’ve met while aboard wherever that may have been. They are friendly, courteous and ready to help whenever help is needed. Those are special attributes I wish everyone had that would make the world a much better place.

As you get set to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends think about what you have and how fortunate you are to have the wherewithal to do what you do, where you do it.

I’m pretty sure you will come to the same conclusion as I have. Life is pretty good and for that I am most thankful.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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