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A Nautical Look at Some Presidential Candidates

By Barb Hansen
October 2015

If you could choose a boat for each of the U.S. presidential candidates, which type would you choose for him or her?

I’ve always tilted toward presidents who, in my mind’s eye, are in a boat. George Washington crossing the frigid Delaware with his soldiers in the dead of night makes him a star forever in my imagination. Teddy Roosevelt paddling a canoe down racing rivers is a boating hero, too.

FDR planning D Day on the USS Sequoia is locked in my memory. JFK racing his PT 109 is also. I remember seeing a picture in the newspaper of George Herbert Walker Bush holding up a striped bass caught from his Cigarette. I prefer to picture him as a naval aviator.

So what kinds of boats do you see some of our current candidates piloting, and does it look like they know what they are doing at the helm?

Donald Trump – a 100 ft. mega-yacht, “Liquid Asset: fully staffed with Captain and Crew.  He doesn’t cruise with the yacht, but rather flies in by helicopter to meet the boat at the next Port – Block Island, Newport, and points beyond.  He loves to entertain the top names in the world of politics, business and the arts.  No drinking for the Donald, but we are sure the champagne would flow freely along with gourmet food and guests in their best Hamptons’ garb.  No shorts and t-shirts here – only Designer whites for the ladies and blue blazers for the men.

Dr. Ben Carson- Maybe a Grady-White fishing boat. He loves hanging out with family and friends.  He fillets his catch of the day with the precision of a surgeon – oh wait, he is a surgeon! -- never even getting a spec of fish guts on him.  He is dressed in the latest Columbia fishing shirt with coordinating belt and shorts and new Topsiders. On the transom, the name reads “Knot On-Call.”

Carly Fiorina- a nice motor yacht, not too flashy.  She wants to be seen as “for the working class.”  At anchor she throws on her jeans and jumps in the kayak that they had towed behind.

She is passionate about sticking to their cruising schedule – not straying from the original float plan. Her yacht is named “Lady Liberty.”

Marco Rubio – go fast cruising/ fishing boat so he can go from his Miami home to the Bahamas for the weekend.  The hotter the weather, the better. With lots of friends around him – he communicates effortlessly in Spanish and English.  He likes to emphasize all the points of interest along the way. It’s hard to read the name of the boat as he flies by. It’s something like “Pura Vida.”

Jeb Bush – I see him in a classic, restored Chris Craft that he keeps in Maine at his parents’ home – fully varnished with US Flag flying astern with traditional appointments. He likes to cruise slowly, never at full throttle, close to shore.  He doesn’t want to get to far off course. The boat is named “Dreamin’.”

Mike Huckabee – floating around an Arkansas lake on a hot Sunday afternoon aboard “Second Chance,” a pontoon boat that’s the perfect platform to entertain his kids and grandkids. They’ll stop for a picnic ashore and set up the grill. Governor Huckabee loves his bar-b-que. He’ll serve up his ribs with a tall glass of lemonade.

Rand Paul -- doesn’t own a boat, but likes to go bass fishing with pals back home in Kentucky. He doesn’t actually know how to fish, but that doesn’t seem to matter. The boat is called “No Rules.”

I don’t know about you, but George Washington is still my captain!


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