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State of the Union, Nautically Speaking

By Barb Hansen
January 2018

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests and fellow boaters; I thank you for the opportunity to discuss the nautical state of our Union.

Despite the alleged preponderance of fake news about so many aspects of our republic, the state of our favorite form of recreation has never been stronger.

Americans for many generations have enjoyed the fulfillment of life through boating, whether under power or under sail. It remains unmatched, even by golf, a pursuit that has some popularity, I have been told.

Boating has proven to be an endeavor for all. Newlyweds often enhance their lifelong commitment to one another through the search for and purchase of their first boat and those thereafter.

Families grow together, making our country that much stronger, through cruises and allied endeavors such as water skiing, fishing and visiting new locations. Such nautical activities expand their knowledge of and appreciation for this great nation.

Young sailors become responsible adults through their experiences and tasks on board, things they must do without interruption or disruption from those devices that provide access to the web. No mean feat of itself, and a way to experience and learn about the beauty and bounty of nature that simply cannot be achieved while focused on that man-made item in the palm of their hand.

Yes, my fellow Americans, boating builds better Americans by making those who choose to go to sea more aware of what this great land has to offer all of us.

And as couples approach their golden years, boating offers new horizons for them to experience and to share.

While this wonderful form of education and recreation has never been stronger, it can be better. Consequently, my administration will be working with Congress in a bi-partisan fashion to address matters such as the chalkiness on fiberglass hulls, hardware corrosion and teak deck cleaning.

Additionally, we hope to fashion a process for the timely and full control of activities that negatively impact our boating community. Abhorrent matters such as noisy speakers on boats, dockside restaurants with limited menus and other challenges to the well-being of our boating constituency.

We will also seek tax credits for educational endeavors that enhance the boating skills of crew members regardless of age, political affiliation or boat shoe size. Yes, we want to remove the fear of docking – forever.

There are undoubtedly more threats to this honored and enjoyed past time that will surface as we hold listening sessions proximate to fresh and saltwater locations across the country.

My fellow Americans, boating in this country is as strong as ever. We must continue to support this important part of our American life. I ask you to join me in this effort.

God bless you and our fellow boaters! Let us cast off together as we strive to make our beloved recreational pursuit even better.


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