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Traveling the "Wild Blue Yonder"

By Barb Hansen
October 2016

I’ve got some travel suggestions that I would like to share with you, and hope you consider when you plan your next trip:

  • Don’t fly. If at all possible, take a boat instead. It won’t be as fast, but it will be much more comfortable and enjoyable than flying. There’s no go fast boat to Arizona so I had to take a plane on my recent trip. I get the security measures and have no argument, but geez assuming the knees-to-chest position for a couple of hours each way was far from comfortable.

  • Don’t complain out loud if you’re flying or even in the line waiting to go through security. Your fellow passengers won’t hear since they’ve got the buds in their ears and they flight crew has other priorities like serving drinks, “light” snacks and sandwiches that were fresh once. Remember when airline food used to be pretty good and eaten with knives and forks and not the disposable kind? So forget the complaints, no one is listening.

There’s another thing about flying these days that kinda bugs me and that’s the way people dress. I’m okay with casual, but I kind of miss the time when people got dressed up to fly. Now days, it’s borderline scary to see some of the attire that people wear on airplanes, sweat pants, nasty footwear and the like. And don’t let me forget to mention cologne, perfume and even deodorant. I like all three and it would be nice if my co-passengers followed suit, but that’s not always true.

  • Don’t fly, cruise

I understand the need for the various procedures that are followed on commercial airliners, but when you travel by boat, there are no take-offs, landings, seatbelts and constant chatter about what you must or must not do while aloft. You choose when to board, when to depart and how fast you cruise. Changes are permitted without involving “big brother”. You just make your change and proceed.

Cruising on those big ships is better than flying, but I don’t think it comes close to being afloat on a yacht that’s well suited for family and friends, not the masses. Think about relaxing in the breeze on the fly bridge of a trawler or sailing on a broad reach with a gentle breeze touching your face and a happy sun smiling on the scene.

When you cruise the way I prefer, there are no lines to get on board, no bags to check and you can keep your shoes on or take them off, that’s your call. You don’t have to wait for the seatbelt light to go off to use the head either.

Eating on board is superior to microwaved meals, packaged snacks and the like. If you want, you can catch your dinner and enjoy it with a chilled glass of wine on the aft deck. We like to take the time to watch the sunrise and sunset. Airman tout “the wild blue yonder” but cruisers know the ocean is the “wild blue wonder” and you can, too.

I recall a philosopher that once said, “Mountain people are wise, but ocean people are happy.” Pleasant cruising!


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