February-March 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

What better way to say “I love you” than with a romantic cruise through the barrier islands of Southwest Florida!

Give us a call today and we will help you plan the perfect getaway. 

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with that special someone aboard a private sail or power yacht.  You can cruise to Sanibel, Captiva, or even to the private island of Useppa and take in the sun, the sights, and the salt air.

Let us help you plan the perfect cruise to a quiet anchorage or quaint marina resort.  We’ll even make reservations for a romantic dinner ashore.  The rest is up to you!

Give us a call today to make plans for your Spring or Summer island escape!

Top five reasons to take a long romantic cruise in Southwest Florida


5.  The blue margaritas at Useppa Island
  Dancing under the stars with no one else on the “floor”
  Not dressing up for dinner
  The sunsets
1.  And the #1 reason . . .
 . . . that bikini and Speedo you two have always wanted to wear!

The Love Boat Love Potion by Barb Hansen

From his comic strip barstool Hagar the Horrible announced that he had nine true loves in his life. Readers, and perhaps the tavern regulars, too, were relieved to learn that Hagar’s nine loves were all boats he had owned and loved. I clipped and taped this strip to the refrigerator.

Have I told you that Vic is a bit like Hagar?

When we were dating, Vic confessed to me that he had been in love before. I listened patiently and apprehensively to love stories that didn’t involve me.

The first true love of his life, Vic said, occurred when he was only 12 years old. He had an affair with an older sailboat. He even made a set of sails for it…from bed sheets. Hmmm.

I’m sure I understood that his pre-teen’s psyche had been imprinted with a powerful, though strange, attraction. I married him anyway.

I’m not sure to this day if I know about all of Vic’s earlier sweethearts but I’ve been an enthusiastic partner with him on every acquisition since. The arrows that Cupid released at us were surely tipped with a Love Boat Potion.

Many people meet and fall in love with a boat and remain true to that boat for their entire lives. But most whose veins course with this potion would never agree to be with just one boat for the rest of their lives. People change. Their circumstances change. So, understandably, some are going to fall out of love with one boat and fall into love with another. The process repeats itself.

In the strip, Hagar started counting his loves. “1… 2… 3… 4…” When I read that, my boating memory kicked in and I started counting up our loves: The sailboat that was our “home” for four years. Dolphin, a 36-foot ketch. A Boston Whaler. Another Boston Whaler. A sailing dinghy, a canoe. A Grand Banks trawler. Another Grand Banks trawler. And still another Grand Banks trawler. Several sloops ranging from 25 to 35 feet. Two houseboats. Then dinghies, dinghies, and more dinghies, all inflatables.

Hagar told the boys in the bar that a man is lucky if he has one true love in his life. A boat owner nine times, Hagar had been lucky nine times. Counting boats only, Vic and I have Hagar beat several times over.

Sometimes truth speaks to you from the funny papers

From The Mail Boat . . .

Here's what some of our customers have to say!

“The camaraderie of a large class was replaced by a warmth and friendliness found with only two people on a boat.  Captain Chris’ knowledge of the marine environment was extensive.

I know my wife and I had a great cruise in southwest Florida.  For my birthday last week, my wife said I would have to get my own present since she didn’t know how to pick out a boat!”

-Adden W.
P101, 102 Class and
Trawler Charter

Couldn’t have been better.  Everything made sense and built on itself for the next day.  Best time, we will be back.

Great!  We loved it.  Had a wonderful time.  Looking forward to the next time!

David and Sherry
P101-102 Class

The Latest Survey: Boating kids are healthier kids!

Children who go boating are physically and psychologically healthier than those who don't, according to a survey conducted by Impulse Research Corp. for the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

I hate to say “I told you so,” but this is no big revelation to us.  We have been preaching the positive aspects of family boating for years.  Now there’s proof!  According to the survey, active involvement in boating is not only good for kids’ physical development, but also has a positive impact on their psychological and social development. 

Boating, and especially cruising, combines many family activities into one big life experience.  Swimming, fishing, exploring, and reading are just a few things that kids will enjoy afloat.  So pack up the kids this spring or summer and take a vacation that is not only fun for the whole family, but good for them too!  Oh, and don’t forget Fido.  The survey didn’t mention it, but cruising is fun for doggies, too!

Big Ship or Little Ship?

Cruise ships are popular. I know because they keep getting bigger. And bigger. Next thing you know they’ll make one longer than three football fields, something big enough for 3,500 sardines. Oops. I meant passengers.

Oops again. I just learned they have already launched a cruise ship for more than 3,500 lemmings. Did I say that? Sorry. I meant consumers. Well, yes, it’s true. It has 1,487 cabins and bunks for 3,710 really thin but not too long people.

Impressive specs, she has: consumers will take advantage of a million miles of buffet lines, 2-million -miles of interior passageways, 5-million slot machines, and 6-trillion drink umbrellas.

The entire ship goes to one little island and everyone gets off for a few hours and snorkels around the same fish. The next day they are allowed off the ship to go shopping for tourist trinkets and when they get back to the vessel they can slide their credit card through more machines and acquire still more trinkets. 

Different strokes for different folks and all that but is it really smart to be launching 4,000-passenger ships?  I worry a bit that every time one of these paeans to second-wave mass marketing sails they’re going to make some cruisers turn away from boating all together. Now, that’s a shame.

That’s not for me. I vote for the little ship that could, something with two or maybe three cabins instead of two or three thousand cabins. What a difference a boat makes. One has 21 restaurants. The other has one galley and a small fridge. One has chefs, captains and waiters. The other requires you to bring your own groceries and you have to do your own cooking. One plies the high seas. The other cruises smoothly along a placid coastal waterway framed by mangrove wilderness.

My vessel doesn’t have an activities director; it doesn’t have an ATM; it doesn’t have an onboard hospital. In fact, it doesn’t have a schedule unless you say so. If it’s Tuesday, it won’t be Belgium but just tell the captain and you could be on Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Cabbage Key, Useppa Island, or a beach you’ll have all to yourself on Cayo Costa.

The little boat that could doesn’t have line dance contests. Passengers don’t cut into the buffet line to take the last shrimp.  On my cruise ship, dressing up for a meal means pulling a tee shirt over your swimsuit. After your delicious repast -- Hey, you bought the groceries -- prepared by loving hands in the private galley, you can have drinks on the aft deck.

There is no disco, no line dancing, no ballroom waltzes. But if you want to shake a leg you can climb the steps to the fly bridge and whoop and holler a bit. Just a bit, though. Or, you may prefer to just sit in silent pleasure as the Florida sun sinks behind those dramatic clouds on the horizon.

Put this information in your vacation planner. And the next time you’re thinking about a cruise, think small. Like two or three cabins small.   ...Top of Page

20th Anniversary Sail-A-Bration Extended to Nov. 1, 2005

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary with 20% off all charters of 5 days or longer between July 13, 2003 and July 13, 2005! 

Good News!!  Our Sale has been extended to November 1st!  And there’s more good news.  For August, September and October, the 20% OFF APPLIES TO CHARTERS OF 3 DAYS OR LONGER!  Now you can plan that great summer or fall weekend getaway and save 20%, too!

And don’t forget that our Sail and Power Boating School is also celebrating with a FREE Weems and Plath Navigation Kit given to all students who graduate from our school between now and July 13, 2005! 
(Note:  The Gift does not apply to the 2-day S101 and First Mate Classes.)

Call to reserve your charter or class dates today!  1-800-262-7939

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We have an immediate opening for yacht salesmen to join our professional yacht brokerage team. Sail and power boat handling and maintenance experience a must. Background in general business, marketing, or finance preferred. These are commission-only, contracted sales positions.

We are currently looking for two energetic, proven sales people for our expanding yacht brokerage office. Complete office and support provided. For more information call Vic Hansen at 239.656.1339 or  E-mail Resume to Barbara Hansen   ...Top of Page

Sail or Cruise into Winter and Save!

Announcing... 10% off all Charters

10% off! all Charters of 3-Days or Longer beginning November 1, 2005!

Charter a sail or power yacht for a long weekend or a week-long cruise and take 10% off the regular charter rate during the 2005-2006 season!

Reserve your dates soon!  The winter months, especially holidays, fill up quickly.  Book the boat of your dreams today!

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